Happy 2015!!!

happy 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It might be a little late to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I’ve been on a break these last few weeks.  But don’t worry my friends, I’m back and better than ever.

This is just a short “welcome back” post.  I really just want to wrap up what an awesome year 2014 was for me and my close ones.

I mentioned in a previous post that Kate and our friend K-to-the-J-to-the-M got a new job, which is very exciting.  Kate is freaking out a little bit because it is going to be something completely different than what she has been doing since graduating college 8 years ago.

This month she spent a LOT of money on clothing because she didn’t really have anything that was “business casual” – one of the perks of being a chemist and working in the lab is that you can wear whatever you want.  But now she’s out of the lab and has to dress the part and her $10 plaid sneakers from Payless won’t cut it anymore.