About Me


My name is Aldo and I’m trying to take control of my financial future.  I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and having little to no savings so I decided to change that.  Just by taking a few steps I now have an emergency fund, no more consumer debt and  I’m no longer desperately waiting for my paycheck to come.  I decided to start this website to have a record of my accomplishments and maybe I can inspire somebody to follow my steps.  You can check out my story to see where I was only a year ago.  I will show you how I am working towards financial independence and how you can too.  I also hope to meet people that can teach me better ways to save money. I’m obviously not a Ninja and I don’t have a Million Dollars but I kicked debt in the face and I’m taking silent, ninja like, steps to try to reach retirement with a decent nest egg.