1. Wow, this is a fantastic list! And many of these require little time and effort. Also, I see quite a few that will improve quality of life beyond just the financial aspect. For example, cooking at home will improve health and well being (vs. restaurant meals). I’m posting this on my fridge!

    • I’m somewhat lazy and that’s why I love this list because it doesn’t take that much effort. I also love the fact that I’m eating healthier – even if I don’t save money, the fact that I’m eating healthier is good enough for me.

  2. This is such a helpful list, especially the grocery and eating out sections. I like quality food and unfortunately that costs a lot. Something I’ve been having for lunch that is ultra cheap but relatively healthy is some brown rice and a can of tuna! I’ll probably get sick of it eventually, but it’s very kind on the budget and filling.

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