1. I have heard about this side hustle before and I think it’s a great hustle to add, especially as we are headed into winter since we stay indoors more. If you are going to stay in anyway, you may as well make some money while you are doing it.

  2. Depending on your situation, one could make some cash selling their stuff on either ebay or Amazon. It takes some know-how and a little bit of time, but establishing a reputable store through either of those merchants can result in a respectable monthly income, especially if you are able to find a very inexpensive source to acquire products that you don’t already have.

    My wife knits, and selling on sites like Ravelry has nearly never-ending potential.

  3. Interesting! I get most of my side hustle income from freelance writing and editing. Like with user testing, the money is good, and I can do it from home, which allows me to still be home and home school the kiddos.

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