Where I am now – Part 1

My post is a little long so I decided to break it into two parts so I don’t bore you to death.  This is Part 1.

If you haven’t, please read my story so you can see where I was financially only a year ago.

Things have changed a lot since then.  Ever since I started a budget and kept track of my spending I have been able to save way more money than I thought possible.  I paid off my car and all my credit card debts.  I only have my student loans left but I have paid half of what I owed and have under $10,000 left to pay.  I no longer live with my mother.  My girlfriend and I moved into an apartment together.  I have a three-month emergency fund, which I will continue to grow, I increased my 401(k) to get the full match from my employer, I started contributing to a Roth-IRA, which I maxed out for 2013, and I was able to save extra money to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring, I now get to call her fancy girl – I mean, Fiancée.  Did you know that a Fiancé is a male that is engaged to be married and a Fiancée is a female that is engaged to be married?  Well, I didn’t.  And if you didn’t either then you just learned something today…you’re welcome.

My Story

I thought about starting a personal finance blog about a year ago but never got around to making it happen.  I didn’t know anything about blogging or how to start a blog so I just put it aside.  I did however write my story just in case I decided to start blogging one day.  Well I finally decided to start this website because I needed to document the progress I have made with my finances and to keep myself motivated to achieve early retirement.

Here is my story.