Why you’re not saving money buying family size shampoo

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You might be getting a great deal on family-size shampoo and toiletries at stores like Costco or BJs, but here is why you might not be saving ANY money!

Hint: It’s something you do at home. Read to see if you need to change your habits to save money on toiletries.

saving money on family size shampoo graphic

Saving money buying toiletries in bulk / family size bottles

You probably already know that a larger bottle of shampoo doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a better deal. Sometimes stores play tricks on people by making the larger bottles cost more per ounce, thus resulting in people spending even MORE money.

You probably already know to compare the price per ounce for each size bottle and get the one that is the cheapest price per ounce.

But here is something you might be doing at home that might result you in not actually saving ANY money when you buy in bulk:

Why you’re not saving money buying bulk-sized toiletries

Next time you have a brand new huge bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, or pretty much any liquid or paste toiletry container, pay attention to what you do.

You probably squeeze a HUGE glob of shampoo out, more than you typically use when you have a smaller bottle. And it’s fantastic to get extra sudsy.

But this is how you’re not saving money buying family-size bottles of shampoo.

Pay attention to make sure you don’t squeeze unnecessary amounts of shampoo or conditioner when you have a brand new bottle in your hand. Personally, I notice that I use about 50% more shampoo when I mindlessly squeeze shampoo from a new bottle.

Simple, right?? Keep this tip in mind whenever you go to use ANY new bottle, whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, liquid laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, or anything else that can be squeezed out of a container.

Use less than you think you need

In general, you can stretch out your toiletries budget and make your toiletries last longer by using juuust a little bit less every time. You won’t notice if you use 10% less shampoo or 15% less toothpaste (trust me, it will still get nice and foamy!), but you will be able to make those toiletries last 10-15% longer every time.

And that’s extra savings in your pocket!

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