1. Great infographic! Yep, retirement planning is a must. I don’t have access to a Roth IRA what with being in the UK and I also don’t have an employer matched pension as I’m self employed. I do have a couple of properties which are being rented out and although they are a pain in the neck right now with problems with tenants and general renting costs, I’m sure this decision will pay off later in life. I also have a Cash Isa, which is a tax free savings account. Not much in it yet, but my no. 1 goal at the minute is to pay off debt.

    • The retirement accounts mentioned here only apply to people in the US, but the main point of saving for retirement applies to everyone. But you are right, paying off debt should be priority number one because the interest you pay in credit cards is usually higher than any returns you might get from a retirement account.

      My goal is to be self employed like you some day and also get into real estate. Maybe in a few years.

    • Thanks for your question AthenaC. I do plan on writing about savings benchmarks and the fidelity age-based savings guidelines are going to be one of my examples. Thanks for sharing it.

      I also kept asking myself if I was on the right track until I found the fidelity guidelines. Situations may vary for individuals but their guidelines are definitely a good place to start.

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