1. As soon as I started reading, I instantly though of the movie Hall Pass. LOL! I totally feel you though, man. Since I have a wife and 4 kids, I feel pretty weird at the bars. I went to south Mississippi for some military training a few months ago and we ended up going bar hopping one night. That’s what most people do in the military. Honestly though, I didn’t enjoy it. One guy passed out and another guy ended of getting sick. It made me feel like I was in college again and I felt pretty silly. It used to be for me, but not anymore. However, I do enjoy have a couple beers with some close friends, but that’s only occasionally, when I go back home.

    • Yes, I don’t mind having a few beers every once in a while, but I prefer if it’s some place where we can talk. Happy Hours are fine with me also because things are half price most of the time and the music is usually not too loud.

  2. Ha! I am totally with you!! I would prefer an evening in more than anything else now. It is not only cheaper to drink at home, but I can control the environment and wear what I want. It takes a lot now to get me interested in going out to bars and partying like I did when I was 22.

    • I love a night in, but I don’t mind hanging out at somebody’s house and enjoying time with my friends. I don’t really enjoy being surrounded by strangers and having to fight to get a beer.

  3. I have went from young man to old man in a blink of an eye. Priorities change, your body rejects what you used to think was a good idea. Sleep is required rather than optional. I’ll be yelling about the kids being on my lawn shortly i’m sure.

  4. I was out on business last week and had a few drinking sessions with customers. By 11 PM I was ready to call the night. Staying late just isn’t my thing anymore. Looks like you’re the same. 🙂

  5. I turn 35 in a few weeks. I occasionally do the bar thing, but it’s very rare. Maybe like 1-2 times per year. That’s plenty for me. Sadly, I prefer to drink at home in my pajamas.

  6. I’ve never been one for bars, especially since, as you said, you can never hear anyone talk. I’m very quiet by nature, and I don’t really like trying to shout over commotion. While I am a night owl, I’d rather be home than outside!

  7. TOTALLY agree on the noise level in bars (I hate having to yell into people’s ears just to be heard!) AND the depressing-ness of ordering two beers for the same price as a 6 pack. UGH. And yeah, how did we survive in college going out at 10 or 11?!?! mystery.

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