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Why I Got Financially Real

financially real

It’s Time To Get Real!

April is the official Financial Literacy Month and to celebrate, Shannon at The Heavy Purse has put together the 2015 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival.

This is an amazing list of articles, including this post, about what inspired us to get financially real.  I am truly honored to be invited to participate and share my story.

After you are done reading this post, please check out the carnival and read as many of those articles as possible. I am a regular reader of many of those blogs and I assure you that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

You can get to the Carnival by clicking the picture above.

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The Surprise Cost of a Visit to the Doctor

visit to the doctor

Luna and Midnight

As many of you know I have two awesome cats, Luna and Midnight.  They are very friendly and just love everybody.  They are sister cats and have been with me for eight years.  Kate, unfortunately, is allergic to them.

When Kate and I started dating, she was very allergic to the kitties.  Every time she came over to visit me, she would sneeze constantly, her eyes would get red, and her nose wouldn’t stop running.  She then started taking antihistamines and that seemed to help out a lot.

When we decided to move in together, she knew that she had to take an antihistamine every day and hope that she would get use to the cats slowly.

It seemed like Kate was getting used to the cats because there were days that she didn’t sneeze at all.  She was able to pick up the cats and rub them all over her face without any allergic reactions – yes, that happened.

We did, however, started noticing that her days were pretty much allergy-free, but at night she would start to sneeze.  It would make sense since we’re at work all day, but this was happening on the weekends as well.

Kate was getting really tired of sneezing and having to take allergy medication almost every night so we decided to look into an allergy doctor and perhaps get allergy shots.

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I Got Two Awards!!!

liebster award

So Many Trophies!

Okay, the title might have been a bit misleading, but if I got you to click then I did my job well.

I didn’t really receive two awards; I got nominated for the Liebster Award by two different bloggers: Even Steven @ Even Steven Money and Kalen @ Money Mini Blog.  Thank You Guys!

The Liebster Award is an award that bloggers give other bloggers and it is a way to recognize new or smaller blogs.  It is also a way to build the blogging community and welcome relatively new bloggers.

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Make A Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Enjoy your summer

That small bead of sweat rolling down my back indicates that it is indeed summer.  Coming from a tropical island where it’s always hot, I love summer. Maybe not those days where it goes above 100F (>38C for the rest of the world), but I like when you don’t need thirty seven layers of clothing just to go outside.

I like summer because everybody seems happier – when they’re not complaining about their shoes melting.  And the reason is because they get to come out of hibernation.

This might not be a problem for folks living South of D.C., but I live in New Jersey and it gets pretty cold in the winter.  And besides those days when we get to go skiing, ice skating, or break our backs shoveling snow, we really don’t get to hang out outside too often.

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Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary)

Spent: Looking for Change


This weekend, I finally had the chance to watch Spent: Looking For Change and have to say that I really liked it.

Spent is a documentary that follows four financially underserved families who have been booted out of the traditional banking system due to different circumstances.  The four families represent almost 70 million Americans who don’t have access to banks and/or loans because of their credit or lack thereof.

Since we use banks and credit cards on a daily basis, we take for granted how those services make our lives easier.  Regardless of what we might think about our financial system, the fact remains that if we don’t have credit in the United States we are going to have a hard time getting a loan when we need one.

And it is not just about getting a loan.  Due to the lack of credit or having bad credit, some people are not even able to open a bank account.  They have to go to check cashing places in order to cash their paychecks – for a fee of course.

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MDN Now A CommentLuv Enabled Blog


Show some Luv

I have been blogging for a little over two months now and my only regret about blogging has been “Why didn’t I start doing it earlier?”

Blogging has been a lot of fun.  It has driven me to gain more knowledge and to improve in ways I didn’t know I could improve.  It has also given me the opportunity to meet different people that I otherwise would have never met.

I’m talking about other bloggers.

Okay, I have never physically met any other blogger, but by reading what they have to say I feel like I’m getting to know them – slowly.  I am the new kid on the block but I feel like I’m starting to become part of a community – a blogging community. Read more

Cool Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching people.  And even though we’re all about saving money, if you don’t give your father a gift on Sunday, he’s going to cry… on the inside.

A lot of people wait until the last day to then rush to the store and buy dad a boring tie or a shirt that probably won’t fit him – oh wait, that’s me.  Don’t be me and try to surprise your dad this year with something nice.

Not all dads are created equal, so assess the situation and put some thought into your gift.  Pretend he’s your new boyfriend or new girlfriend and you want to impress him.  Make him saw “Aww, how thoughtful of you.”  Make him tear up a bit… who am I kidding?  Dads are made of stone.

There are a lot of cool gifts for dad out there.  Here are just some ideas for whatever type of Dad your old man – or husband – is. Read more

Guest Post Today at CNA Finance – How Haggling Saved Me $1,200


Head over and read my Guest Post.

I want to thank Joshua Rodriguez at CNA Finance for giving me the opportunity to guest post on his site.  Please head over to CNA Finance and read How Haggling Saved Me $1,200.

Here’s an excerpt of the post.

Some people don’t like haggling or negotiating because they don’t want to come off as rude or disrespectful, but that’s because they haven’t mastered the art of haggling.  Okay, haggling might not be an art, but there is a right way to haggle and a wrong way to haggle.

Before we get into the right way to haggle and why you should always do it, let me first tell you a little bit about myself.

I come from the Dominican Republic and like in any third world country, haggling is the norm.  Granted, there are places where you just don’t haggle – restaurants and supermarkets – but everything else is up for negotiation.

Read the whole post at CNA Finance.

My Friend, The Artist

I want to take this opportunity to help a family friend who is going through a life threatening event.  Victor Koryagin is an Ukrainian artist who has been very close friends with Kate’s mom since they were 19 years old.  Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Stage 3 sarcoma in his right knee. There is no medical insurance in Ukraine so he has to pay for the treatment himself.

Victor runs a small publishing business, which provides for his family, but it doesn’t make enough money to pay for the medical treatment that he needs.  This is where we come in.  Kate’s mom – Yelena – started a fundraiser at youcaring.com titled An artist in Ukraine fights cancer where she has been able to raise over $11,000 and she personally also gave thousands of dollars towards his treatment.  She’s doing all she can, but she can’t pay for all of it on her own.  Both Yelena and Victor are grateful for all the donations, but they’re still short of their goal.

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Where I am now – Part 2

In part one I mentioned the steps I took to get out of debt.  Part two concentrates in building an emergency fund and laying a foundation for a comfortable retirement.  I never really thought about retirement before because it is so far away.  Now I realize I was just wasting time and money.  You might not be thinking about retirement either but you’d be surprised how fast time flies.  I mean look at me, I know I look good and all but I AM 33 years old already!

Three to six months emergency fund

Paying off your debts might take time depending on how much you owe and how much you are able to pay each month.  It took me less than six months but I put every single extra penny that I had into my debt.  Hopefully you will too.  How ever long it takes doesn’t really matter, the point is that now you should have zero debt, except for the mortgage if you have a house. Read more