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Cool Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching people.  And even though we’re all about saving money, if you don’t give your father a gift on Sunday, he’s going to cry… on the inside.

A lot of people wait until the last day to then rush to the store and buy dad a boring tie or a shirt that probably won’t fit him – oh wait, that’s me.  Don’t be me and try to surprise your dad this year with something nice.

Not all dads are created equal, so assess the situation and put some thought into your gift.  Pretend he’s your new boyfriend or new girlfriend and you want to impress him.  Make him saw “Aww, how thoughtful of you.”  Make him tear up a bit… who am I kidding?  Dads are made of stone.

There are a lot of cool gifts for dad out there.  Here are just some ideas for whatever type of Dad your old man – or husband – is. Read more