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One Year with Ting and Special Offer


Ting is Awesome

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It has already been one year since I switched my cell phone service to Ting and I could not be happier about the move.  I still can’t believe I was paying so much money for a service that I could have been getting for half the price.

As I mentioned in my Ting review, I used to pay $127 per month for two phones with Sprint.  That’s including a corporate discount of 25%!  Which means that I was paying $1,524 a year on my cell phone bill.

With Ting, I was only paying $42.23 per month for the same two phones and for the same service.  Ting uses the Sprint network so everywhere I had service with Sprint, I also have it with Ting.  The same service for $506.76 a year.

I saved $1,017.24 this year. One Thousand Dollars! Those, to me, are big savings!

If you have Sprint and don’t switch to Ting, you are just giving your money away.

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Ting Review – 3 Months

Ting Review

Save Money!

It’s crazy how fast time passes by.  It has already been three months since I switched my phone plan to Ting and I’m so very glad that I did.  In just three short months I’ve been able to save over $250 without compromising my coverage.

If you don’t know what Ting is, you can read my 1-month Ting review where I explain how Ting works.  But since I’m a nice guy I’ll give you a quick run down of what it is.

What is Ting?

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