1. It weirds me out that a higher credit card limit was listed as one of the options. Mostly because it doesn’t mean much at all, other than the person has the ability to get into debt or utilize a payment method that’s plastic. I’m relieved to know that almost no one picked it
    In this case, I’m with the majority, a strong savings ability is the besbest thing on this list.

  2. Sticking to the budget is a pretty damn sexy trait in my husband I’d say. When we met, he didn’t budget at all. So now when I see him sticking to the budget and working towards our family’s goals? Mmmmm, damn sexy!

  3. This is pretty funny. I would like to have seen the results of this survey before 2008- I bet they would have been slightly different!

  4. Alas, the man I love is terrible about money. But he is smart enough to just let me control the finances, so it mostly works out. And to be fair, he’s gotten much, much better about spending over the years.

  5. I would choose the 4th option as well. I think it’s more important to be able to manage your money well than to have the mentality of spending less of your money. Not that it’s bad – finding good deals should be on everyone’s mind I think – but in general, I’d prefer someone who can handle their finances well. I remember this show on TLC called Cheapskates — the show might be scripted but the people there are so thrifty up to the point I don’t think I’d be able to adopt such lifestyle and live comfortably.

  6. Was this a multiple choice question? If I had to choose one financial habit that is “sexiest” it would be an understanding of how assets can be leveraged for income. It sounds boring, but an understanding of it is actually really sexy.

  7. I would choose the 2nd option! My wife is a bargain-hunter and it’s so much fun seeing her find amazing things that people would otherwise throw away and for a low price. I think that starting to minimize your spending habits you step on the right way for financial freedom. Of course budgeting is a must to 🙂

  8. I love what you said: “So stop trying to woo people with your fancy stuff… it’s not working.”.
    Unfortunately, we were raised in a society that puts a lot of emphasis on consumerism and “keeping up with the Joneses”.
    Fortunately though, things are changing and people are starting to realize that spending money on stuff they don’t need is actually not-so-smart.
    On this front, companies are using a reverse approach to “keeping up with the Joneses” to motivate people to save money (or lower their energy consumption) instead. They basically compare your spending to those of your neighbors to show you areas where you are spending more. It’s fascinating to see how motivated people get to ditch their cable TV when they learn that their neighbor is spending 1/2 of what they’re spending on cable TV…

    Check out our site at https://aboutlife.com/ to learn how one can keep up with the Joneses in the right way. And save money in areas they didn’t think they could squeeze any more savings from.

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