1. Congratulations, Aldo! What a great accomplishment. I remember how amazing it felt to pay off my student loans. Hope you have a little mini-celebration- you deserve it!

  2. What a relief! It wasn’t so long ago that I found myself in a similar situation so I know exactly how you must be feeling right now. Great job 🙂

  3. We’re debt-free other than the mortgage. We even let savings take a hit in September so we could pay for our new-to-us car outright and avoid a loan. Granted, we were aided by the insurance payout and a relative, but it felt great to not have to deal with financing or a monthly payment.

  4. Congrats on paying off your debt. I couldn’t have said it better with having a support system around you. My wife is very supportive in our plan to be debt free, but the biggest accountability partner I have is the personal finance community.

  5. I’m thinking about paying off the fiance’s student loans but never thought to charge interest. I think I might just pay them but I like the idea! His money is my money so either way – it saves me money.

  6. Yeee!! That’s a pretty good feeling that last! right Aldo?
    How is it going now that you’re debt free? have you put aside some cash for investments since March?
    I’ll be around more often, keep posting.


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