1. I haven’t gotten a tax refund in years, but it’s been mostly income driven. We try to prepare every year for what we expect to pay; however, some years I have gotten bonuses that we didn’t anticipate. I would rather keep more money throughout the year and risk paying in April, though, than overpay to get an artificial bonus.

  2. I most likely will not be getting a tax refund, or at least not very much. This will be my first year doing my taxes where all of the income is from self-employment though, so I hope I paid enough throughout the year! 🙂

  3. My aunt and uncle, who are pretty good with their money, still make sure to overpay because, like you said, it’s a way to force themselves to save.

    I can’t imagine overpaying by $3,000! That makes me a little queasy. But I do round up when it comes to taxes. I’m a corporation, so there’s a lot of variables. Generally, we end up getting $200-500 back. That’s an amount I’m comfortable letting the government have for awhile so as to avoid the stress of potential underpayment.

  4. We usually get a tax refund and we’re OK with that. Yes it’s like loaning the government interest free but it doesn’t make sense to us to break down the refund over a 12 month period. If we get $3000 we typically invest all the money into registered accounts. If we were to spread this out by 12 months we’ll probably end up allocate the extra $250 elsewhere rather than putting all into investing.

  5. I don’t think you’re a sucker either way. I think it’s funny when people say “nobody should be a tax refund back”. Some people don’t have a choice, especially if they have children and don’t make a high income. Just saying.

  6. I have not got any tax refund last year.Making those regular tax payments also reduces that tax time stress. When you’ve already made payments through the year, you can sleep easy knowing that if you do have to pay more tax, it will be a small amount. You might even get a refund. A lot of financial experts say you don’t want to be in a position where you get a refund, but speaking from experience I’d rather be in that position and miss out some interest I could made on that money.

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  8. You should always try to get as much as possible in return from the tax. I mean we all need to pay taxes so if you are able to get something in return, then always do it!

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