1. I would be all for trying Ting or Republic Wireless if Sprint Coverage was better where I work at. I have used Sprint through Boost and through themselves, so if I end up working somewhere they have decent coverage or retired I will probably shift to something like this. I am glad it is saving you some money!

    • I also have shaky reception at work. Well, I have talk and text reception, but the internet is shaky. The good thing is that I have a computer at work with internet and two monitors so that’s really not a big deal for me.

  2. Glad that Ting is working out for you. It’s really about finding a product that truly meets ones needs for the cheapest price possible. My DH and I travel outside of the US often for work so we absolutely need a carrier who can provide solid data/phone service internationally and I also communicate a lot with family, friends and associates in Canada. We’re using T-Mobile’s simple choice plan solely because of the reliable coverage outside the US.

  3. I am so envious of cell carrier options outside of VT. We only have two carriers that offer reliable coverage right now.

  4. Those are some pretty huge savings just by switching providers!

    The Ting business model is actually something I fully endorse: pay for what you use. Instead of the same amount every month for a service you’ll use to the fullest one month and hardly the next, you’ll most likely be more conscious about your usage and hence your bill.

  5. I have never heard of Ting before. We’re on the Sprint network so perhaps it would be worth looking more into. The prices certainly seem pretty good!

  6. Ah, stay away from Southwest Colorado as well. Only Verizon and AT&T work well here. I am always hopeful service will improve with time and I can take advantage of some of the less expensive services.

  7. My husband has Ting and loves it. He doesn’t do much talking or texting so his bill has been $27 the past few months. Hard to beat that for full service on an iphone 5!

  8. Good to know that you’re so happy with Ting. Mr. FW and I are really, really fortunate that our employers pay for our phones right now. But, when we retire early, I think we’ll be switching to Ting!

  9. Sounds like that is working out great. I did not know this kind of service existed. I left Sprint a year ago because we could get a better price with AT&T. I love how companies are popping up to give consumers choices. With large families, cell phone plans can get way pricey.

  10. Glad to hear you are enjoying Ting. I have looked it over, but I don’t get good Spring coverage where I am. The same reason why I tried and didn’t keep Republic Wireless. It happens, but I love the model for sure. You can’t beat the pricing model. I am using Cricket Wireless which uses AT&T and I have great reception. The price isn’t too bad, but compared to Ting, it is really bad 😉

  11. I still have a month to go before Verizon contract ends and been shopping around for a cheaper alternative. Goodbye $100 service for a 1/3 of the price. I recently called VZ about when my contract would end and I was patched over to canceling department where they offered me half my current rate for 2 years. I was like, “I called 6 months ago asking for your help to lower my bill and 4 people said they couldn’t do anything about it. Now, that I will no longer be in contract you have the power to lower my bill to $60/per month and up the GB to 2?”

  12. Just wondering, does it work with unlocked phone as well? It sounds like a great plan for someone who doesn’t actually make calls or text that often. I often find phone plans to be too superfluous for some of my needs, but too little for my other needs (like unlimited phone calls but only a couple of hundreds megabytes for internet). Ting sounds like it could feel the gap.

    • I’m not sure if it will work on all unlocked phones since “unlocked” is usually referred GSM-only devices. You need to make sure your phone is CDMA which is what Sprint’s network uses.

      You can check out the link below to see if you can bring your phone over to Ting. Just select your current provider and enter the ESN/MEID of your phone.


  13. I’m clearly paying way too much. This post is further illustration to me of why I need to focus on trimming cell expenses, as they can really add up over time. Thanks for sharing, as those are pretty low expenses you have!

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