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Don’t Forget About Your Teeth

don't forget about your teeth

Your Teeth Are Important

Our teeth are a pretty integral part in our survival as human beings.  They help us with digestion by allowing us to chew food so we can eat more things other than just “mush.”  If we don’t properly maintain out teeth, it can lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.  This can hinder our ability to chew a variety of foods.

Our teeth also help us with our speech.  Speech is affected by the way our teeth meet and by the movement of our tongue around our teeth.

Our teeth also help us trim our nails and open beer bottles – okay, don’t do either of those with your teeth – and they help us become approachable and find a mate by showing our teeth to people in a non-creepy way.

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Why You Should Get Long-Term Care Insurance

long-term care

Ice cream makes everyone happy

Many of us think we’re invincible and that we are going to live forever.  And even though we’re living longer – around 80 years, which is about 30 years longer than people living 100 years ago – that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to be healthy all our lives.

We all know having health insurance is a must, but many of us don’t know that health insurance doesn’t cover long-term care.

Long-term care is not medical care, but rather a variety of services which help meet both medical and non-medical needs of people who cannot care for themselves over a long period of time due to a chronic illness or disability. Most long-term care is not medical care, but rather assistance with basic personal needs of everyday life, such as bathing, dressing, etc.

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If You Rent, Get Renters Insurance

renters insurance

Kitchen Fire

Many people know that having insurance is a good thing.  We all insure our cars in case of accidents or in case they get stolen; we are also all required to get health insurance in case we get sick; and we should all have emergency insurance in the form or an emergency fund.  We also know that if we have a house, we need home owners insurance so we’re financially protected in case something happens to the house.

But the one thing that many people ignore is renters insurance.  Renters, for the most part, don’t think about insurance because the place they are renting is not theirs or they think their belongings are insured through their landlord’s insurance policy.

Landlords have insurance on the apartments, but only for structural damage, not for the things that are inside the apartment, a.k.a. your things.

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