1. Oh if you haven’t heard of Loyal3 that seems to be a decent way to invest in a few stocks with limited capital. I have recently read on several blogs people using them and I hope to try it out soon myself.

    • Paying off you debt should be step number one. If you can’t pay off your debts, you might not be ready to start investing.

  2. Investing is risky, but not as risky as some people think. There are just so many complicated options out there and it is hard to sort the good from the bad. And then the media loves to report the Bernie Madoff stories where these poor widows lost everything and people just hold on tighter to the money to the money they put under their mattress. If you do it properly, you’ll come out way ahead in the long-term by investing.

  3. I like how nowadays there are plenty of options to invest your money even though you don’t have a lot in capital. Great article, good starting point for anyone who wants to invest but don’t have tons of money.

  4. I really wish I had started investing when I was younger. I used to think of it as buying low and selling high, rather than buying ownership shares in great companies. Another good option is Loyal3, which has $0 fees, and is great for dollar cost averaging into a few funds. The options are limited, though.

  5. Yes good advice I’ve done all the investing options you mentioned above except Scottrade. I think many people can invest, they just get worried and never make it happen. I like to place my money to work, and having that mindset makes it easier to risk it.

  6. Solid advice! The thing I’ve tended to see is people believing they can’t invest when they have little to start out with, but there are options out there. Quite a few in fact. I know a few others have mentioned Loyal3, Motif Investing is another good option as you can start with as little as $250. At any rate, the key is to get started and even if it’s in a few shares of an index fund you’ve jumped one of the bigger hurdles by simply starting.

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