1. I haven’t heard about CSA’s before, but it sounds like a great way to eat more produce (and high quality produce at that). It may be worth checking into next year, I see there are a quite a few within 15 miles of me.

  2. I love our CSA! We’re in between seasons right now and I really miss it. I pick mine up from a drop site next to my office, so I usually pick it up during lunch and bring it inside with me. My coworkers can’t help but to stop by and check out my produce every week with a twinkle of envy in their eyes.

    • CSAs are great, aren’t they? The drop sites are usually very convenient. Ours is directly on our way home, but it only takes us 10 minutes from our commute. Way faster than going to the store and buying all those vegetables.

  3. I don’t think CSA is everywhere yet, but they sure are growing. We did a quick google search and were lucky to have found a few withing 15 miles from our house. It’s worth at least checking out what they have to offer.

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