The Friday Five – Supermarket Week


Supermarket Week!

Aug 15th – Aug 21st

Welcome to another edition of The Friday Five. This is where I share what I consider the week’s top-five money related articles from around the web.  There are a lot of great personal finance websites publishing amazing content daily and I feel that I must share them with you.  I hope you enjoy my five favorite articles of the week.

If you haven’t, please read this week’s posts on 7 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Get You To Spend More and on 7 Supermarket Tricks You Can Use To Save Money.  Please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Google+, and like Million Dollar Ninja on Facebook.

In no particular order here are The Friday Five

1.  Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey writes, How To Save Big Money On Your Groceries.  Let’s keep the food shopping theme going.  Jacob has some good tips on saving money on groceries.

2.  Brian at Money Crashers writes, What is Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Comparison to Store-Bought Produce.  We love our CSA and if you don’t know what it is, read this article.

3.  Aaron at Three Thrifty Guys writes, How to Get Rid of Junk Mail (for Good).  I don’t know about you, but I hate junk mail and never knew how to stop it from coming.  Well now I know.

4.  Robert at Money Bulldog writes, How Could Learning a New Language Help Your Career?  Not only can it help your career, but you can make fun of people in a different language and in front of them… that’s what I do 🙂

5.  Tennille at Two Kids and A Budget writes, Five Fun Family Activities To Do In August.  Winter is coming, people.  Make sure you check things off that summer bucket list.

Please check out all these great articles. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Supermarket Week

This was not officially “Supermarket Week” – at least not on the Discovery Channel – but since I had two posts on the subject, it is Supermarket Week on this blog.

We read how supermarkets do subtle tricks to get us to spend more money – if you haven’t yet, read it now – but I don’t think supermarkets are all that bad.  They’re a business and they have to make money.  I’m actually very glad we have supermarkets because they make life so much easier.

Here are a few other good things about supermarkets.

1.  They’re Not Out to Steal From Us – After all is said and done, the average supermarket only makes about 1.5% net profit per year.  I’m not a business major and I don’t know too much math, but that’s not that much.

2.  Food Safety is Their Biggest Priority – Employees are required to sterilize cutting boards every few hours and fill out a cleaning log each time.  They really don’t want anybody getting food poisoning from their food so go ahead and eat that supermarket sushi.

3.  Can’t Compete with Walmart – Since they can’t compete with Walmart on prices, some stores hire skilled butchers to cut up your meat, produce managers who are experts on fruits and vegetables, and dietitians who give seminars on healthy eating habits.

4.  They Support Local Causes – Most supermarkets have a budget to support local causes like school fund-raisers and such.  They really want to be part of the community.

So there you have it, I hope your food shopping experience will improve now that you know all the tricks of the trade.

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  1. I had no idea that discovery channel had a supermarket week! I do think it’s great they support local causes! Have a great weekend!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Healthy Acts of DefianceMy Profile

  2. I can vouch for the “they support local causes” point. I’ve gotten donations in gift cards from both Shoprite and Target (and Home Depot for that matter, they were the most generous) when my friends and I were raising money for Crohn’s and Colitis. You just have to ask. And ask again if the high school kid working the customer service desk doesn’t know.

    And we always see local high school kids bagging groceries at our store in return for tips to raise money for the high school. Grocery stores definitely want to work with you.
    Kate @ recently posted…Sweet Corn Arepas with Tomato Corn SalsaMy Profile

  3. Tennille says:

    Thanks for including me in your Friday Five this week! I really enjoyed your supermarket articles this week. I had no idea that the profit margins on grocery stores was so small! I may need to stop complaining about the cost of things.
    Tennille recently posted…Apps That Pay – Stop Throwing Away Your Receipts!My Profile

  4. Hmm I would actually say Target and Walmart are “supermarkets” of sorts. We buy almost all our food at Target and a Minnesota grocery chain called Cub Foods. Cub competes pretty well with Target on price and is sometimes cheaper (at least after coupons).
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Discover it vs Discover it Chrome – Which is Better?My Profile

  5. Renaud says:

    I’m experimenting with CSA right now and I love it. $42 a week for a massive amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Huge time saver and great value.

    Thanks, I really like the Friday Five Idea.

    Keep on rocking the free world.
    – Renaud
    Renaud recently posted…5 Steps to Get Psyched About Your Personal FinanceMy Profile