• I’m not too big into sports anymore, but I do tend to watch the finals of many different sports. I also like the olympics and the world cup – even though I don’t watch any soccer games in the four years between world cups.

    • Yes Dee, the hockey demographic is the least diversified of all the major sports and a big percentage tend to be better off financially. I just didn’t know they were targeted so heavily during the games.

    • Kate

      Yes, hockey is definitely an expensive sport, thus a rich people sport. Equipment + ice rink time is expensive if you actually want to train seriously. And even if playing a casual outdoors game with friends, hockey is more expensive than football, soccer, or baseball… (rollerblades as you grow up + hockey stick at a minimum, although gloves and masks/helmets for goalies are pretty much a necessity… versus a football, soccerball, or baseball + bat).

  1. I feel like most sports they are advertising towards the man watching on his big screen thinking he should be at the game with season tickets and of course you need investments for that.

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