• Wow five children! Taking care of all of you is enough sacrifice =) I hope they didn’t sacrifice their retirement, but who’s going to tell mom not to take care of her children. We can tell people over and over again to take care of themselves first, but parents are always going to put their children first… I’m going to try not to but I’ll probably do it too. We’ll see when the little ones come along.

  1. I paid my own way through college… well I have loans still! A bit of a bummer to “start” my life off in debt. If/when I have children I plan to pay as much of their college as I can afford on a grade basis. That is, if they get a minimum of a B average, I’ll pay their fees.

    It’s something I will definitely think about when my (future) children are young, but for now I have to pay off my student loan.

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