1. I love the expense sheet! The other day I found tax returns from my grandpa’s business that dated to the 1960’s. Interesting stuff!

    Glad you’re enjoying Philly!

  2. I thank Ben Franklin every day because he invented bifocals. His design sort of sucked, so I’d make it more modern, but you have to give the guy credit for coming up with what he did back in the day!

    • Haha I bet his designed wasn’t the best, but at least he thought about it. All he did was take two lenses and stacked them on top of each other. You would think that’s so easy to do, but nobody had done it before.

  3. Oh that’s a great question! First, I have never been to Philadelphia but hopefully will be able to make it there at some point in my life. I would improve medicine, though. There is always things – like cancer – that need to be cured.

  4. Thanks for the little lesson on the whistle story! Very cool. I’ve only been to Philly a few times, but it was to visit the family of an ex, so we never did anything touristy. It was interesting to see the residential areas of the city, though.

    • That’s one thing I actually wish we had time to see – the residential areas to get a feel for the city outside of the touristy areas. Next time we go we’ll try to make more time for just hanging out instead of going from museum to museum.

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