1. I’ve worked hard nearly 13 hours/day. I’ve not been too diverse this month but having the extra $$$ quiets down a lot of my life’s concerns.

    • That’s good, Will. I was super busy at work, but didn’t get paid more for it. No overtime pay or anything of the sort. I would be okay working longer hours if I was getting paid more, but since I didn’t it was just a big drag.

  2. Congrats on accomplishing the writing goal!!! I feel like you are more than 50% successful since you had to write everyday during the month of October. I personally didn’t sign up for that challenge because I knew October would be crazy and I knew I would set myself up to fail. It was a huge task and I am glad you achieved it!

  3. Fitness goals always seem to be like that- start off so strong, and then you fall out of the habit. I did the same thing 🙁 It’s been about 5 days since I did a workout, womp womp. Good luck with your goals for this month!

  4. My post today actually discusses my take on the writing challenge! Congrats on getting it done Aldo 🙂 I’ve decided to take up a health challenge that Tonya of Budget and the Beach came up with for November.

    • Thank you, Kassandra. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do any health challenges in November since I’m going on vacation for 10 day and then my birthday, and then Thanksgiving.. those are a lot of days where healthy eating goes out the window.

  5. October sort of flew by for me. I was super busy with both my day job and side hustle. I didn’t make any specific goals in October, but I made a few for November. Great job completing your writing challenge! I’m so impressed by all of you who did that!

  6. With packing and moving to a new place, October flew by for me. I need to go to the gym more often. I was pretty good for most of the year but the last few months life has been really busy so I couldn’t go to the gym as much as I wanted.

    • Going to the gym is also hard for me. But try to make some little time to exercise because if you don’t it will be worse. I’ll try to work out as well, not because I like it but because I my heart requires it.

  7. LOL I would have totally skipped the writing and worked out instead. But not working out makes me feel like crap and although writing every day is an awesome goal, it’s one I could have easily not done. But that’s me and big congrats on accomplishing that goal!

  8. October flew by for me! I can’t believe it is November. I also did the writing challenge, but feel like I cheated because most of it was client work ;( I did write some more personal and inspired things though. I can’t wait to hear what good news you have!

  9. I too made goals to write and work out in October, but did neither… so at least you’re one step ahead of me. I did start eating better, though, which is at least something for the health.

  10. Congrats on completing the writing challenge!! That’s got to feel so good knowing you’re all set on the blog when you’re on vacation. I need to do a challenge like that. Thanks for the motivation! Enjoy your vacation 🙂

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