1. I no longer work for a major corporation, but I fully support this policy, especially the fact that the leave does not have to take place consecutively. I got 8 weeks of paid leave when I had my son and I was ready to go back to work, but there were times in that first year (especially when my son got sick from daycare) that I would have liked the ability to take a week here and there to be with him.

  2. I hope this starts a trend, Aldo. It’s a real shame how lacking our maternity/paternity leave policies are, especially at major companies. Like you said, small companies probably can’t afford to be this generous, but there is no reason large companies cannot. And I really like being able to take leave non-consecutively too. Giving birth isn’t easy and is hard on our bodies, knowing that I can take the time off to heal and bond with my child is a huge comfort and one every parent deserves.

  3. This is fantastic, Aldo.

    The first few weeks of life with a baby are a magical time, and companies should support having their employees have a strong family life whenever possible. Happy employees are good employees.

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