• I don’t know, Will. Think about it, there might be something in your apartment that is worth more than $60, which is the annual cost of the renters insurance for you. Just think about it.

  1. We were required to have renter’s insurance when we moved into our apartment. They wouldn’t let us sign the lease without it. I’m grateful for that, as when we rented a basement apartment, we got lazy and never signed up for it. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your belongings. I wouldn’t want to start over with nothing!

    • They didn’t require it for us, but I wish they did. We have insurance anyways, but I wonder if other people in my complex do as well. I would hate to see my neighbors lose everything.

  2. I had an acquaintance on facebook have a fire in her apartment (not a horrible one but still causes a lot of damage from the smoke and soot).. she was not insured. It was sad to see but I think it’s always important to have those things taken care of.

    • That is pretty sad. I always hate to hear about things like that, whether you have insurance or not. However, not having insurance would complicate things a little more.

  3. Renters insurance is so cheap and easy. I haven’t rented in a while, but I did when we were tenants. It’s one of those things you hope you’ll never need but are really glad you have it if you need it.

  4. I never had renters insurance until a couple years ago when the other end of my apartment block caught fire. The smoke traveled through the attic and I had smoke damage but luckily that was all. I had to be relocated due to the smoke damage and the fact they killed power to the whole building. Close call. We have the insurance now.

  5. I never had renters insurance when I rented a room and didn’t have any of my own furniture (my most expensive possession was my ipad)… but when Aldo and I moved in together it made sense to protect our home, even if it is just a little 1 bedroom apartment. I’ve just heard too many stories of friends’ apartments buildings/complexes burning down.

  6. The coverage you mention is a great reason to have a renters policy but the best reason is the liability coverage. What happens if you are burning a candle forget about it and burn down a few units in your complex? Does the apartment complex owners insurance cover that? Maybe and maybe not.

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