I “Won” a “Free” Vacation!

free vacation

“Free Vacation!!!”

Last Saturday, a few of us went to MetLife Stadium for a Monster Jam event.  I had never been to a monster truck event so I was looking forward to watching huge trucks do jumps and flips and a lot of awesome stuff.

After we scanned our tickets and went through the gates, there were a few people handing out forms for a raffle to win a pick-up truck or $50,000.  The raffle was free, all I had to do was write down my name and phone number so of course I was in.

We then went into the show and had a great time.  We saw a couple of back flips, and a first ever front flip!  Overall, good times.

I Was The “Lucky Winner”

Almost a week went by and on Friday I received a voicemail while at work.  I was on my way to lunch when I decided to listen to it and the lady on the message went on to remind me that I entered a drawing during Monster Jam and that she had very good news for me.

I was so excited thinking I won a Pick-Up Truck or $50,000 that I ran back to my office to call the lady back.

I didn’t win the truck or the $50,000, but she said I won a vacation for two with flight and hotel paid for 4 days and 3 nights to my choice of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or Cancun, Mexico!!!

I won, I won, I won!!!

She then asks if I can go to their Sundance Vacations office at 7pm with two forms of I.D. to pick up my prize because that is the time they set up with the media.

The media? Oh wow, I’m going get my picture taken with one of those big checks!

I called Kate with the good news and she was also super excited about us winning a free vacation.  I told a few of my co-workers and they were all very happy for me as well.  I was giddy with joy.

Kate and I took the hour drive to their office to claim our prize, and we were both giggling on the way there – okay maybe I was giggling like an idiot and she was laughing at me.

And Then The Bubble Burst

We got there with a big smile on our faces and when we entered their office there were three or four other couples and the receptionist asks “Are you here for the seven o’clock?”

I then noticed a meeting room with chairs set up as if we were going to watch a presentation and that’s when it hit me.

A freaking time-share presentation!!!

All the joy that I felt for being a “BIG WINNER” turned into anger because I knew I was just the “Big Sucker.”

Kate and I are pretty good at saying no to things like this so we decided to stay for the stupid presentation and take the free vacation.  We’ll show them who’s the sucker.

The presentation was the same script as always, “think about how much money you spend on hotel rooms which are very small.  We offer entire condos for your family for a very low price, and availability is guaranteed.” blah blah blah.

They started with their standard plan of 20 weeks for $20,000, but since we took our time to go there that day, they were going to give us a much better deal of 30 weeks for $15,000.  But you have to act today or you’ll lose on this great deal!

After the presentation was over, a bunch of sales people walked in and asked for us by name.  We followed our sales guy to his little round table so we can sign up for this great deal.  After we told him that we weren’t interested, he said he understood because this is not for everybody, but he needed to get his supervisor so she can make sure he explained everything to us the right way.

She came and said she understood our position but what if she can give us a deal for $10,000 for blah blah weeks? After we said no to that as well, she said she understood and wished us the best.  Our sales person then went on to say that he could give us a deal for $5,000 for blah blah blah weeks.

After we said no to that as well, he said we just need to go speak with another lady so we can set up our free trip.  We went into her office and she asked why we didn’t get one of their packages, we explained that it wasn’t for us and she said, “how about this little package that you can do with me, you can go for a weekend in one of our places for $250 (plus fees).”

They went from $20,000 all the way down to $250.

Well, we said no to that as well and she gave us instructions on how to get our free vacation.

Yay a Free Vacation!

We were reading the instructions and noticed that we had to give a $100 deposit in the form of a check or money order (not credit card?) before we could even see the available dates. Huh what? We have to give you money up front?

Since Sundance Vacations already played with my emotions making me think I was a big winner, we decided to do some research on this so called “free vacation.”

Lo and behold there were a lot of complaints about this company and about this free trip.

Most of the complaints are about how the company takes the $100 and never gets back to them and doesn’t refund the $100. Now I see why they don’t accept credit cards for the deposit… Credit cards are easily traceable.

So no, I wasn’t a lucky winner, and no I didn’t win a free trip. Freaking Sundance Vacations!  Remember this name and stay away from these leeches.  How can you play with my emotions like that you bastards!!!

Have you been played with like this before?


  1. Troy S. says:

    “Have you been played with like this before?” Oh yes. For sure. Just recently my girl and I, knowing full well it was gonna be for a time share, agreed to ‘just go look at the unit and then tel your friends and followers on social media and get $150 and a free buffet for a few minutes of time.” This of course turned into the whole presentation thing AND we had to eat our buffet with the salesman. UGH!
    Troy S. recently posted…#844 The Stanley Cup runneth over with smilesMy Profile

  2. Ugh. Sorry to hear you were tricked, Aldo. I would have been excited too until the the “shoe” dropped. Glad you guys stuck to your guns and didn’t cave in and did your research before giving (or losing) a $100 for your “free” vacation. At least, the monster truck rally was fun!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…The Financially Sound Podcast with Shannon RyanMy Profile

  3. WOW!!! That is SO crazy!!! I have never seen anything like this. My aunt did go on a free timeshare vacation and they put the hard sell on her when she was there but she held strong and didn’t commit so it really was a free vacation for her.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays – I Can See Clearly NowMy Profile

  4. Oh man, when I saw the title I was hoping that it wasn’t for a timeshare. I always wonder how this strategy works in the long run, but they wouldn’t keep doing it if they didn’t snag people.

  5. nice really nice.
    Meek Mill Philadelphia recently posted…50 Cent – 9 ShotsMy Profile

  6. At the start I thought wow, that is awesome! Of coarse to good to be true, thanks for sharing!

  7. Naija says:

    i also wish i won a free lotery. 🙂