3rd Annual Ski Trip

Ski Trip

Top of the Mountain!

The events portrayed in the following post occurred from March 27th to March 30th.  The reason I’m only posting now is because I’ve been lazy to write any blog posts… Don’t judge, this is something I’m working on.

Spring is here and to me it means one thing… Spring Skiing!

I like to ski, but I don’t like skiing when it is -1,000 degrees outside.  Having to wear 77 layers and having frozen toes – and frozen snot – is not an enjoyable time for me.  That’s why we like to go skiing in March.

We live in New Jersey, which means we don’t really have any mountains worth skiing.  Whenever we want to go skiing we go to Pennsylvania, but even there the skiing is just meh.  Our best option in the East Coast is Vermont, and that’s why we decided to make an annual ski trip to Vermont.

Happy 2015!!!

happy 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It might be a little late to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I’ve been on a break these last few weeks.  But don’t worry my friends, I’m back and better than ever.

This is just a short “welcome back” post.  I really just want to wrap up what an awesome year 2014 was for me and my close ones.

I mentioned in a previous post that Kate and our friend K-to-the-J-to-the-M got a new job, which is very exciting.  Kate is freaking out a little bit because it is going to be something completely different than what she has been doing since graduating college 8 years ago.

This month she spent a LOT of money on clothing because she didn’t really have anything that was “business casual” – one of the perks of being a chemist and working in the lab is that you can wear whatever you want.  But now she’s out of the lab and has to dress the part and her $10 plaid sneakers from Payless won’t cut it anymore.