1. They certainly used to get me on the 10 for 10, I have since wised up. #7 is a double edged sword since they like to put fruits that are in season on sale, but yeah it’s very easy to see something that says BUY ME and realize it’s the regular price.

  2. Yea some 10 for 10 stuff is a horrible deal while others are actually a good deal. You just need to know the regular price of that merchandise (which is often on the sale tag at my store). Sometimes I can get items over half off and sometimes the 10 for 10 is actually a couple of pennies over the regular price. But I think my store does many of the things you mentioned in your list.

  3. I used to be a sucker for a sale sign and I didn’t remember if something was a good price or not. I would text Hubs from the grocery store to know if it was a good deal or not. Ya, that lame.

    • Haha, I also never know what’s a good deal or not. Kate is usually the one that remembers numbers and stops me from buying things we don’t need.

  4. Ooooh. Sketchy, sketchy stuff. I read once that stores like Walmart put their ‘enter’ door on the left side when coming in the store so you get disoriented. Then you’ll spend more apparently.

  5. The deal placement has gotten me several times. I hate grocery shopping and try to get in an out as fast as possible, which means barely glancing at signs. Also, I haven’t been able to prove it, but I think our local grocery store hires really annoying people to stand in the way so you don’t have time to find the cheapest item. It happens every time….

    • I hate grocery shopping too, hence the “supermarket walk.” In and out, no dilly dallying. That’s funny about the annoying people, that’s who I am trying to avoid by walking fast 🙂

  6. I’ve seen deceptive sign placement at my grocery store. They place the sale sign with non-sale items at eye level, and the sale items are below. Tricky, tricky!

  7. Interesting tricks, most of us don’t realize it thinking that grocery stores doing all of these for the customers’ own good, which is not always true. I myself have a bad habit of throwing away my receipt so I’m not usually aware of price discount. Nevertheless, I always try to only use hand basket so I’m not tempted to buy things that are not on my list initially.

  8. I always fall for the buy one get one offers. Sometimes I don’t even need that item but it’s a deal so I buy it anyway. Really have to work harder on resisting these.

  9. I am tempted by the buy one get one free offers frequently, even if it’s something we don’t normally buy! I have to try really hard not to buy those.

  10. The money that companies including grocery stores spend on marketing consultants is serious business. All that you listed are tried and true and you offered really good tips on how to counter the tricks of the trade. When it comes to groceries, I am actually able to stick to my grocery list, and quickly go in and out.

  11. I have fallen victim to several of these as well over the years. Creating a price book has really helped me to know when a sale is a sale. Our local stores also to the 10 for $10 deal but then they add “get the 11th” for free. Getting one free still is not always a “good deal”.

  12. S

    I’ve notice here lately items mysteriously placed in my cart while my back was turned and before I went to check-out!
    It was during check out that the mysterious item was discovered!
    Just today, I myself put a container of strawberries inside of my cart, however, when I was at check-out, another container had mysteriously been placed inside of my cart. I noticed that it was of a different brand.

    This is the 3rd time this has happened at this particular Supermarket Chain!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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