1. This are some excellent tips. I didn’t know you could ask for markdown at stores. But I guess its better that way for stores than the produce going bad. I wouldn’t call mine a trick, I just budget for what I need, write it down and stick with that list at the markets. If I get a deal, super 🙂

    • Having a list and sticking to it is the way to go. We always have a list, but way too often get things that are not on the list. We’re still working on it though.

  2. I’ve noticed that I can get a much better price on local milk at the convenience store, which I find funny since everything else there is priced so high.
    Good tips! I love me some cake too!

  3. Good tips. I hardly buy meat so that’s one way to save. 🙂 With seafood, I live salmon but don’t want to buy farm raised, so you can buy canned salmon and it’s actually wild caught, and it’s a fraction of the cost!

  4. I shouldn’t have read this post right before lunch!

    A local store to me puts their day old cookies out for 1/3 of the price of the ‘fresh’ cookies. You can hardly taste a difference!

    • That can get dangerous 🙂 I have no problem eating “day old cookies” and it’d be hard to resist such a good price.

      Our local store has a section for discounted produce that is just slightly bruised or is at its peak ripeness and will go bad in a day or two… You can get like, 10 ripe bananas for a dollar (hello banana bread!), or 5 softer avocados for $2 that are actually perfect for guacamole.

      I should stick to that section instead of the discount cookies section.

  5. Good tips! Like Tonya, I save the most by not buying much meat. We get frozen wild-caught salmon from Costco, but that’s about it. We don’t buy much dairy either–it’s just too expensive. But if you are going to get meat, that seems like the frugal way to do it!

  6. I never really think about asking for mark downs at the supermarket- great advice. I just recently found out that my supermarket has a very cheap brand of milk produced locally. It’s always worth comparing prices even on staple groceries like milk and bread.

  7. There’s the classic advice of “never grocery shop while you’re hungry,” but I think it now needs to be updated to “never read blog posts about grocery shopping when you’re hungry.” All I want for dinner now is a piece of fresh cake and big ol’ glass of milk. Speaking of milk….I definitely overpay for it and I know where to get it cheaper, but it’s not usually worth the extra trip. Surprisingly, the best place to buy milk around here is Whole Foods, but we don’t do our normal weekly shopping there.

  8. I just came home from grocery and how I wish I read this one earlier, I never know that buying a large cut of meat can save us 30% over buying the meat pre-cut. I usually buy 2 kilos on pork chops and different cut slices, next time I should buy a large one.

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