1. We cut the cord on cable this year and saved even more by using one of my mother-in-law’s Netflix logins. So we just pay for internet, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. We have been without cable now for about 8 months, and I don’t miss it a bit. In fact, we have gotten into other shows that I never thought I would, like Orange is the New Black and Blue Bloods.

  2. I cut the cord a long time ago and don’t miss it in the least bit. My fried gave me his roku so I love watching netflix and hulu, and I’ll also rent movies from red box which $1.20 compared to a $15 movie at the theater? No brainer, although I do go see a lot more movies this time of year because of the Oscar-type releases. And now I just heard HBO is going to offer a subscription baed service!

    • I also have a Roku that a friend gave us, but don’t use it as much because it is in the bedroom and we don’t watch TV there. I do think the Roku is a pretty nifty gadget and it has a ton of apps.

    • Yes, sports is a big one for a lot of people. I don’t really watch that much sports anymore so it’s not a big deal to me. Maybe somebody else can chime in what they do about where to watch sports on the cheap.

  3. We cut the cord a couple of years ago and never regretted it. We pay for Netflix and we bought an antenna for about $40 which gives us 50 channels including all the major networks.

  4. We just got rid of cable and I don’t miss it at all! My husband got an antenna for football and he gets plenty of games to keep him entertained. We also have a Netflix subscription and I will have to check out Hulu! I wasn’t aware that was free haha! Thanks!

    • The free Hulu only works on a computer. If you try using it as an app on a tablet or phone, it won’t let you access the free shows without a paid Hulu+ account. But I don’t mind connecting my laptop to the TV and watching some free Hulu on the big(ish) screen!

  5. Funny that you wrote this, I just talked about entertainment cost on my blog the other day. We’ve been without a TV for over 3.5 years now. Don’t really find the need to replace cable at all. 🙂

  6. I have cable now for HBO and sports stuff. But, we went two years without it in the past and managed just fine. When we move next year we’ll probably cut the cord for good since we can get HBO on it’s own now. And I’ve found that I prefer binge watching shows after the series is over anyway – I forget too much in between seasons.

  7. We’ve actually never had cable. We have a Roku as well as an Amazon Prime membership. And, we’ve found tons of great stuff on YouTube (mostly DIY home improvement shows, how to live on a homestead shows, and yes, videos of greyhounds playing and generally being cute). Also, we don’t watch all that much TV anymore, which helps.

  8. I’ve never paid for cable in my life but I also watch way too much tv. We mostly use bunny ears and streaming off the network’s site. The only streaming service right now in Canada is Netflix, but we got frustrated because some shows were only available in the US.

  9. I tried cutting my cable but it didn’t work out. I had Hulu and Netflix but I still missed cable mainly because of football. I’ll probably test it out again in the future. I do miss the savings that came along with not having cable.

  10. We’ve kind of struck out with the antenna option…it only works in one room because the trees/houses block reception. Amazon, Netflix have been good. In the meantime, we’ve scaled back our service which has brought in some savings.

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