1. “saving what’s left” is a very common mistake, because too often there’s nothing left because they are spending above their means. It’s best to make saving money the number one priority…pay yourself first! I might need to increase #10…thinking about working on #11.

  2. You basically nailed the ingredients for reaching financial independence. Everything else is just execution details. Funny how things can be so simple and yet complex.

  3. These are the things that I’ve been trying to avoid as well. You summed it up nicely, good starting point for anyone who wants to have better money management.

  4. Great summary! I’ve been guilty for some of these, but I learned my lesson and know better. These things sound simple, but actually takes time until one figures it all out.

  5. The list is quite comprehensive. Living beyond your means is one of the major mistakes made by most people, especially if they have credit cards. Life style inflation also does not help because instead of saving the extra income you are making, you are spending it even if you do not need it to make your life better.

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